so it begins

so it's one of those increasingly rare nights (thankfully) where i can't sleep for the life of me: was it the sugar after 9 or just a general case of a restless mind? who knows. may or may not go 'public' with this thing but it's worth it to get out of other people's heads (aka away from the dreaded fb) and into my own for a change. something i've sort of been running from lately because technology makes it so easy to, so let's try spinning this crazy thang into something positive and maybe even productive for a change.

came here with lots on my mind: an expansive summer ahead with little to no plans and i need to get the ball rolling in my life. this whole slump thing can only work for so long. it's been really hard for me to let people in lately considering i've been keeping myself at bay as well; kinda hard to reach out when you avoid reaching within like the plague, no? readers (if i dare publish) be not afraid: this introspective start is just my own way of kicking-off what i hope to be something self-motivating, self-regenerating and perhaps may rub off enough to spur you on as well? let's hope for the best for a change.

p(eace) & l(ove)

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