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follow the yellow brick road



sometimes I feel positively swallowed up by the city

caught up in the endless day to day grind

and I often forget to take a step back

to breathe

and remember that my path is not set in stone

(photos via DesignLovely via Lovely Clusters)


this is "amazing" !

did you know that today was national punctuation day?
as a punctuation nerd this news definitely made me smile (:
(although I'm quite certain I have my missteps here and there!!)

might you also have stopped to wonder about the "quotes" surrounding part of this post title? oh "those". welp, in addition to learning about this amusing little day, I also learned about this great blog called the "blog" of "unnecessary" quotation marks.

so far this one's "definitely" my fave


lovely giveaway

I have yet to repost a giveaway from another blog, but the thought of a couple extra chances to win one of this adorable blogger's unique pieces is incentive enough for me!

if you've never stopped by yellowgoat design (although chances are you have, this lovely blog has quite the following!) pop on over and check it out out! sweet petula is offering readers 2 chances @ a $50 gift certificate to her own lovely etsy shop in her weeky giveaway!

good luck!!!



"I wanna go to a place where I can hold the intangible
I wanna go to a place where I'm suspended in ecstasy"



derek lam @ ny fashion week

not at all suprisingly my camera 'somehow' got left at home on fashion's night out (completely and absolutely expected behaviour from me, ugh /:) but I had a ball nonetheless. I got to spend the night out in the company of some really great people and think I picked a great 'homebase' neighborhood considering how saturated the city was with events. we hit the ck store, barneys, bergdorf's and a few more, catching glimpses of simon doonan and lindsay lohan along the way, along with what were almost certainly a few designers whose faces I just didn't know.

so rather than subject you to my smattering of crappy blackberry photos (unless you really want me to) I wanted to share some of my favorite looks from Derek Lam's spring 2010 collection which I stumbled on here. admittedly I haven't been keeping up with the hoards of collections being shown this week but this one definitely caught my eye. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!



it's here, it's here!!!

which events will you be at? it's just so hard to choose! enjoy!!!

Fashion's Night Out's Times Square PSA and models via their facebook fan page

no WAY!

thoughts??? I think I love it!! yay, ellen!!


artist #4: donald sultan

hello, dear readers! it's been a long time coming for this next installation in my {attempt at an} artist series, but I do hope it was worth the wait!

meet Donald Sultan. I discovered his work at the University of Michigan Museum of Art (UMMA) in 2001 (during my brief stint at U of M) and was immdiately captivated by his unique perspective and choice of medium. born in 1951 in North Carolina, much of Sultan's work would be considered still life, although he "describes these works as first and foremost abstract." (read his full bio here and here) I, however, would never have pegged Sultan for a still life artist, much less an abstract one, based on my inital encouter with his work...


picture this...

...you are browsing through a photography exhibit and are suddenly, inexplicably captivated by one image in particular. you stop and stare until it finally hits you: it's a picture of you. this is exactly what happened to Sharon Collins at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. unbeknownst to Collins, her image had been captured while working as an elevator girl in 1955 and imortalized in photographer Robert Frank's most famous publication, The Americans.

in an interview with NPR, Collins mused, "He saw in me something that most people didn't see. I have a big smile and a big laugh, and I'm usually pretty funny. So people see one thing in me. And I suspect Robert Frank and Jack Kerouac saw something that was deeper. That only people who were really close to me can see. It's not necessarily loneliness, it's ... dreaminess."

(article found via jezebel)

this amazing image and story reminded me of one of my favorite 'vintage' photographers, Gordon Parks

(found here)

(found here)

(found here)

(found here)

(help! I lost the link, but it's another fab myvintagevogue find)

and of course, the man himself (image and article found here)

Depression/Harlem Renaissance era photos are some of my absolute faves, and Parks has a special place in my heart not only because of his beautiful images that certainly speak for themselves. My lovely grandmother had the distinct privilege of both knowing and being photographed by Parks (or was the privilege his? :smile:) and I can't wait to have her photograph in my posession (as promised by my mother...) perhaps I will be able to share it with all of you!

(ps- major shout out to Jessica of myvintagevogue for her amazing flickr and photobucket collections! thanks so much!!!)


have you heard?

3 cheers for ben & jerry! the infamous VT-based duo has renamed their delicious 'Chubby Hubby' in honor of the law legalizing gay marriage in their home state! yippee!!

'Hubby Hubby' came about as a result of b & j's new partnership with Freedom to Marry and will be available in Vermont for the next month- I wish it was available everywhere but it's still so cool!!! (image and info found here- thanks, jasmine!)

in other (far less impressive) marriage equality news, the housewife I most love to ridicule (she just makes it so easy!) has attempted an endorsement of her own. check out her no h8 campaign photo for yourself:
okay, I can't bear to show the whole photo here but, yeah, she's topless. the jezebel comments never cease to entertain (in this case, particularly the one referring to kim's 'z-list' status. gotta love it.) but on the real, what exactly is this campaign's angle? *scratches head* ah, well. it is for a good cause at the end of the day, so I suppose I can't h8. too much.

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