have you heard?

3 cheers for ben & jerry! the infamous VT-based duo has renamed their delicious 'Chubby Hubby' in honor of the law legalizing gay marriage in their home state! yippee!!

'Hubby Hubby' came about as a result of b & j's new partnership with Freedom to Marry and will be available in Vermont for the next month- I wish it was available everywhere but it's still so cool!!! (image and info found here- thanks, jasmine!)

in other (far less impressive) marriage equality news, the housewife I most love to ridicule (she just makes it so easy!) has attempted an endorsement of her own. check out her no h8 campaign photo for yourself:
okay, I can't bear to show the whole photo here but, yeah, she's topless. the jezebel comments never cease to entertain (in this case, particularly the one referring to kim's 'z-list' status. gotta love it.) but on the real, what exactly is this campaign's angle? *scratches head* ah, well. it is for a good cause at the end of the day, so I suppose I can't h8. too much.


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