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ohhhhhh summers in nyc, how I love thee. and it's definitely been on the agenda to make the most of this one. from free concerts to great food to mini 'getaways' and just a general good time with good people. this past weekend was graced by some beautiful moments, some captured on film and some just taken in by my heart. sometimes I get so caught up in this whole public, internet, instant-access-to-everything thang that I forget to stop and appreciate what's right in front of me, this close to passing me by. and no, everything doesn't have to be aired for the world to *pine* over (haha) but some things are worth sharing.

like coming in from walking the dog on a saturday morning to the sounds of the opera playlist I made my (eager and quick to learn) gf. it was just so beautifully unexpected. I mean, she told me she loved it and I believed her. and we enjoy live performances when we can and she's a diehard supporter of my own sporadic appearances. but this was coming from the same gal who blasts her raucous music at its loudest. it was just a lovely change of pace.

from opera to hip hop in a few hours, we soon found ourselves grabbing picnic-worthy food and a prime spot just hours later to check out Q-Tip with a good friend (and an unexpected addition!) in Central Park. music makes my soul happy in *almost* all forms.

after a day in the sun and a night of dancing, sunday...afternoon...found us strolling about on our first visit to our new 'neighborhood' hangout, Governors Island. just when we'd given up on finding an empty hammock we stumbled on the perfect one: right under the most soothing windchimes. needless to say I definitely dozed for a bit :ahhh:

thanks to my sleuth of a lady, we've finally discovered the island and are already envisioning what a primo picnic spot it's gonna make on an upcoming weekend. weee!

on to see what's in store for this weekend...



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  1. How awesome that you live in NY! I've only been once and for three hours at that (it was on a layover on my way home to CA from Quebec). I walked through Central Park -- it was huge! Anyway, Governors Island sounds awesome -- is it just a place with lots of hammocks? If so, I would love it there. Great pics!


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