new beginnings are always the greatest, and I'm definitely embarking on one as I start a new work assignment. I feel so fortunate to be with a great staffing agency who has really been keeping their eye out for me even when I wasn't so sure there was mouch hope left for consistent work. after months of on-and-off again assignments they put me at the top of their list for a great position and I snagged it. such a great feeling, and I know I could never have directly entered a position like this without them backing me up.

all in all the 'career' boost (of sorts) has really helped to boost my overall morale. the weather certainly doesn't hurt either! unseasonably mild in comparison to the typical nyc sweaty, muggy july (not exactly sure what this means for the health of the planet but I'll take it for now and keep keepin' it 'green' in the meantime...oh climate change) been pulling myself together in more ways than one and backing away from the blues, at least for now. fashion, color, music, art, nature, friends and family are all huge sources of happiness and inspiration. so greatful to just 'be'! and on that note, a few pics (and perhaps a page color change) to lighten up the vibe in here.....

ahh, summer.

*pics courtesy of our magical trip to Versailles for the first time this June

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