weekend discovery

I made an executive decision not to leave the house at all this past saturday after a long week of very early mornings- totally not my cup of tea. and while we're on the subject of tea (okay, I know it's a stretch) there is one thing I was convinced to take a short walk for: earl grey ice cream. um, yeah. if you're a tea drinker this magical treat is the stuff of dreams, forreal.

but let me take a step back.

if you haven't already been introduced, meet van leeuwen artisan ice cream. a gourmet foodie's fantasy. their ice cream, in my opinion, is the perfect, delicate blend of icey and creamy, sweet but not overwhelmingly so, and is absolutely refreshing without leaving you guiltily full. we used to indulge in van leeuwen whenever we'd happen to pass one of their trucks, which have a few standard locations in addition to a few extras you can find on twitter, but now we've found ourselves in a bit of a dillema. not only have they expanded to whole foods in the ny area (as announced here in feb) but worse. watch out waistline, because this yumminess is now right down the block, by the scoop, at our local coffee shop. I mean whole foods is easy enough to resist considering we don't often commit to pints of ice cream, not to mention that it'd be gross by the time we got it home from the closest location to us. but this? disaster waiting to happen. yoga here I come.

ps: the mint chip (which was actually what I went for) is a definite fave as well

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