artist #1: olatuja

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::side note: wow. I drafted this post on the 7th and have been mulling over it for these past few days in addition to having lots of activity going on this past weekend! having not even gotten into this series it's already giving me such a great respect for journalists. deciding the angle to take on a given topic and presenting the information in a way that's relevant and interesting to readers is no small feat! I mean just because I like these artists doesn't mean that you have to, or will, but the aim is to get you to at least check them out, right?! giving you just the right blend of info and mystery (; man, toss in the quick editing and deadlines and I think I'd absolutely melt under all the pressure! that being said, this series will be a great learning experience for me. so onto the first artist.....

meet Michael Olatuja and his wife, Alicia.

Alicia and I met and instantly formed a bond during orientation week at Manhattan School of Music (I was dancing by myself in a corner somewhere and she decided to call me out, ha!) not long after we met we both became involved with the school's Pan-African Student Union (PASU) where we were both introduced to Michael Olatuja and his absolutely infectious music. While Alicia and I were studying classical voice (with the same teacher, at that!), Michael was fine-tuning his already proficient skills on the bass in the jazz department. During our first PASU performance we had a chance to perform one of Michael's original tunes as an ensemble and from there I was completely hooked! (and apparently, so was his future wife (;) Now Alicia wasn't to be slept on, either, and had come to school armed with a killer classical and pop voice along with her self-produced pop demo in hand. Years later, their musical talents have now come together in an absoutely divine(ly inspired) union. And they are both such beautiful souls, to boot.

Well I certainly don't speak for the Olatujas' star-quality alone as they have recently been picked up by ObliqSound, alongside the likes of Gretchen Parlato and Somi Kakoma (who's album was co-written and co-produced by Michael, too! Thanks, Alicia!) Michael's initially self-released, self-titled album has been remastered and (re)released as Speak under Obliq and is available on the label's website above (which I have up in the background now for my listening pleasure- they represent some amazing musicians!) along with the major online music retailers (like iTunes) I know they would jump for joy if you checked it out!

(see, they already have, in eager anticipation! (;)

I have watched Alicia and Michael both grow immensely over the years and will be checking out the new additions to the album that has already long been in heavy rotation on my iPod. I'm so excited that Alicia's vocals have been added to the new version! Her vocals were absolutely a necessary update (:

So once you fall in love with the Olatujas as I have, you NYCers have a chance to check them out live at their album release concert coming up on Wed, August 26th at Joe's Pub on Lafayette. Be there!!!
(and maybe you'll catch a listen to yours truly, too, on bvs *shameless self promo*)

♥ love, love

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