artist #2: peter tunney

***new discovery alert!!!***

meet Peter Tunney...

...I'd never heard of him 'til early yesterday evening, either-! I decided on a whim to take a different route home from work, and thank goodness I did! because in the middle of a completely corporate block off of Fifth Ave I stumbled on this incredible gallery! (@ 666 Fifth Ave., to be exact. Kinda creepy, I know.)

these words couldn't have rung truer as I ventured inside to peruse the work in this competely unexpected gem of a space. you can learn more about Tunney by clicking on his mane anywhere in this entry. according to the gallery attendant, Tunney lives in Long Island and works out of a studio in TriBeCa. he is a collector of old books and newspapers which he collages into the pieces you see here, which are only a small part of his work found on his site.

gratitude is definitely the feeling I had after discovering these meaningful pieces. I'll leave you with the message of these last two:

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