in the spirit of generosity (of all kinds)

i've come across 2 great ways to give today, one in the form of positive energy and one in the form of good old fashioned dollas.

first is falafel for the soul...
...a super sweet blog started by lesley of the blog 315 thomas. lesley has started leaving thoughtful notes like these around town to put a smile on strangers' faces.
(thanx to barb @ knack for sharing (:)

the second generous idea today comes from how to love a local business (I wish I was savvy enough to get the button right here but the link will have to do for now. I've at least put the button in my sidebar!)

I found this site via pink olive's facebook fan page. it lets you nominate your favorite local businesses to win one of 30 $1,000 grants being awarded, which is a wonderful way to help keep your favorite local shops thriving. I voted for pink olive and our pup's little daycamp, the salty paw. who will you vote for?

(blogger has been acting a fool today, so perhaps this note from falafel should say 'have a lovely eve' instead /:)

much ♥


  1. i love the post-it messages. have you heard of operation beautiful? [http://operationbeautiful.com/] it never fails to make me smile. (:

    i've replied you on my post, love! :D

  2. What a great idea. I love it.

    And I hadn't heard of operation beautiful until the above comment, but it explains a post it that says "You look great today" on my neighbors door. It always makes me happy.


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