favorite things

we interrupt this regularly scheduled programming to bring you another fave things installation. there are just too many beautiful things (of all kinds) floating around not to share. so here are some faves of the moment:

these astounding musical necklaces

(this one being my personal fave at the moment- site found via oh, hello friend.)

this sweet idea that I plan to take advantage of with this

(found via bright new things)

these glorious engagement photos

which led me to these

which were phtographed by this guy. (I can't grab pics off his page but check him out!!!! headshots, anyone?! (;)

all to be summed up with a preview of the next artist to come, whose latest wedding photos have me ready to hire him pre-engagement!!! talk about an inspiration!

(aren't these dresses amazing?!? I'm only leaving out the photo credit for a little suspense factor, you'll just have stay tuned! no cheating MSMers!!!)

more to come...


  1. Your fave things are so pretty and romantic! I do a fave Friday but never as elegant. <3

  2. *peep* hi my site's referral notes pointed me to your link here - I couldn't resist saying hello. The pendant you love was made a few weeks ago at the peak of my interest in 19th century romanticists - their colours and moods. Anyhow this is a new venture for me (offering my work publically), so I'm pleased it's making love lists.
    After reading a bit of your blog I can see some familiar struggles. People also find my appearance racially ambiguous. Although I identify as a Black woman I am percieved as a mixed race woman by strangers. It's a very thorny, complicated thing, even when it doesn't need to be.


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