beach dreamin

I've been on a natural high these days. I have little to complain about after a period of being quite down in the dumps, bemoaning my lack of steady work and motivation. Emotional slumps can be so hard for me to crawl out of but once I'm out I embrace contentment with all I've got. Living in a great city with (generally) great summer weather and so much to do definitely doesn't hurt, but I still can't help but long to relax by some kind of non-toxic water (i.e. not the rivers on either side of our lovely island) sometime before the summer fades to fall. I thought I'd post a couple pretty pictures to help me keep my eyes on the prize: I have to chill on all the fab vintage finds if I'm ever gonna make it to the beach!!!

If I can wean myself off of etsy for long enough I may find myself here for a weekend come September or October...

(photos of 9 Beaches Bermuda Resort found here)

And even farther off is our trip of dreams to Malaysia and hopefully to Bali (June 2010 really can't come fast enough. I'm seriously about to put a countdown on here.)

Lounging by the bluest water under the endless sky...

(photo found here)

Basking in the golden sun sets...

(I've searched and searched for a borderless photo but nothing matches the hues captured here)

Soaking in the vibrant culture...

(photo found here)

In the meantime, the "inferior East Coast beaches" (thanks, baby. haha) will have to do as I attempt to plan a visit to spend some time with friends in DE next weekend. As it stands right now, any beach will do!


  1. I hope you get to all these places! The closest beach to Boston is full of mucky muck seaweed...not at all what I want.

    These pictures are much better :)


  2. E these photos are awesome. I want to be there right now. Perhaps a trip in November would be feasible. Sweet!

  3. Bali, Tioman, Redang are among the few places in this region that are known for their beautiful beaches.

    And even though they're a stones throw away relatively speaking, Ive yet to visit those places myself! haha! Hope u get there before i do!

  4. hot damn those are some pictures! i want to go there too! maybe etsy will pay for all of us to go?


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