overload: ATL Housewives

whoa, whoa, whoa. back it on up. I have seriously subscribed to so many wonderful blogs that I spend most of my slow workday perusing for all kinds of info and it's making my head hurt how many things I feel compelled to share!!! from the thought-provoking to the trashy to the lovely to the laughable I seriously can't get enough. I've got about 45 pages open now (ok, like, 5, forreal. but even that typically halts everything on this darling computer which it somehow isn't at the moment ::knocks on wood::) and I'm dying to post it all! I'll start with the junk for now (who can't go for a little mindlessness every now and then, esp. on a FRIIIIIIDAYYYY!) and share a couple more meaningful articles once I come down from the caffeine-induced-ADD. and, I haven't forgotten- more artists to come, y'all!!

jezebel is quickly becoming one of my fave online girl mags for its amazing coverage of pretty much the entire spectrum referred to above. I must admit, I'm a 'real housewives'-er and ATL is by far my fave cast to keep up with (the only cast I can't stomach is Jersey. sorry, ladies.) I've never been one to delve into these women's lives outside of the shows, but with these mags in my feed now I can't help it! from the leak that Kandi has called off the engagement, to Lisa (my fave- she's mixed like me and appears to have the most sense of them all. what's not to love? d:) is fighting for custody of her up-til-now-invisible kids (of ex-hubby Keith Sweat of all people), to crazy Kim's delusional twittering I seriously can't get enough.

meanwhile, celeb gossip is far from all they do, and some of their articles are really deserving of posts of their own. so, until then...

wait, what was I saying again???
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  1. Jezebel rocks! thanks for your super cute comment and visiting my mound of silly.


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